How do I get started using Mango?

To get started with Mango, you’ll need to create a profile. There are two main ways to sign up with Mango:

1. Free through a subscribing library or institution

2. Purchase a monthly subscription

If you live in the United States or Canada, you can see which libraries near you have Mango by searching our Find Mango site below. (If you're in another country, see this article.)

To set up an account with a library that has Mango, click on your library’s name, then “Let’s Go” to be taken to your library website. Next, click on the Mango Languages link. Once on the Mango Log In page, you can create a new profile and start learning.

If your library does not subscribe to Mango, you can purchase an individual subscription from our website. The subscription offers you access to all of our languages and units for a monthly or annual fee. You can learn more through the link below:

Last, but not least, Mango is also accessible through certain universities and organizations. If this is the avenue you are seeking, send us an email at with the name and location of the institution and we can provide more detailed instructions for you. 

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