I can't record my voice using the voice comparison feature

First, please make sure that your microphone is turned on and the volume is turned up. The voice comparison feature is not available on every single slide.

Look for the orange microphone icon. It will appear after the answer is shown. Click on the orange microphone to begin using the voice compare feature.


After you have clicked the correct icon, you can begin voice recording by clicking the red microphone icon.


The recording will start immediately and the icon will become orange with a square in the center.


The recording will last the same amount of time it takes for the native speaker to say the phrase, then will end automatically. You can rerecord your voice as many times as needed.

Once you are done recording, click, hold, and drag your "voice line" to adjust it so it aligns with the narrator's voice graph.


Now, you can listen to each voice individually or at the same time to compare pronunciation and inflection.


If you are performing all of these steps properly and are still having difficulty recording, it may be a result of your Flash player utilizing the wrong microphone. To verify this, you can right click anywhere on the program and select "Settings", which will bring you to the menu for Flash.


Make sure that the radio button next to “allow” is properly marked, giving Flash permission to use your computer’s microphone.


Click the microphone icon along the bottom and make sure the volume is not set to "low".


Also, check to see if the microphone drop down menu is set to the correct microphone.

Adobe Flash usually chooses the correct one for you by default, but it is possible that the wrong microphone was chosen.

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