How do I set up my homeschool?

Once you have purchased a homeschool subscription (available here) you can get started setting up your classroom.

To begin, log in to your homeschool account from a computer by clicking the "Homeschool Login" button in the upper right corner of the following page:

After you've signed in with your email address and password you will see the "My Classroom" screen. To add a student, click the "Create a new profile" card.


Now you will enter in the student's information. You can assign either an email address, or a username that the student will use to log in. Try to make the username unique, and not simply your student's first name. We also recommend creating an easy-to-remember password. If the password box is left empty, a password will randomly be assigned.


You can create up to five students. Once you have finished, your students will be all set to log in to Mango using the email/usernames and passwords you created. They can sign in by clicking the "Homeschool Login" button from the Mango Homeschool page.

After they have done some studying, you can check on their progress by selecting their profiles from the "My Classroom" screen.


On this page you can view the time spent in lessons, which lessons were studied, and which date they were accessed. At the bottom of the screen you can view assessment results. Click "View" or "Download" to see the questions and answers.

At any time you can download a printable record of your students' studies by clicking "Download CSV file". CSV files can be opened using Excel.


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